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Aura photography makes your guests shine!

Your colors, your energy, your aura…

Are you looking for high-profile entertainment that touches your guests? Colorful People’s aura photos create amusement, wonder and lively conversations. The beautiful colors tell each guest a personal story about their talents and personality. We like to think with you to seamlessly connect our entertainment to the purpose of your exhibition participation, congress, company party, drinks, wedding or team day.

Aura photography is fun!

In a fast pace Colorful People takes pictures of all the guests. The aura booklet gives them an extensive explanation about all the colors. No one can stop talking about the secrets revealed by the photos. Nothing is as fun as studying the aura photos together and to see what makes them so special. An aura photoshoot is not only exciting, but most of all very fun. With Colorful People, you bring entertainment into your house which loosens tongues and makes visitors look back happily for a long time.

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